More concerts in the snow

Good news!
This week I'm heading back to south-western Ontario for more concerts!
You can catch me performing solo at either:

Peterborough, Ontario
414 George St. North
Thursday, January 31, 2013
Living Culture's Acoustic & Poetry Showcase
Starts at 7PM I play at 10:15PM
More details on Facebook
$Pay what you can$

HABITS Gastropub
Toronto, Ontario
928 College Street
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Starting at 9PM - TWO sets of music followed by a large glass of whiskey.
Think about coming for dinner, too, because they have GREAT food and Ben's cooking ;)
$Pay what you can't$


Kingston, Ontario
91 Princess St.
Sunday, February 3, 2013
7:30 PM: A fair-trade, vegetarian version of the same spectacle.
$All that you can spare$

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a small collection of the many LARGE CANADIAN ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS which I will be passing along the way!

Here we go again!

Home-Coming Souvenirs

I had my first little tour in Canada a couple weeks ago! Nothing too action-packed but 2000km of driving mixed up with, frozen lakes, flashbacks, Linux bootleggers, an introductory course on Detroit metal, 5AM Chinese food, a cornucopia of Disney(tm) movies to choose from, spontaneous pilgrimages through suburbia, my first time playing a real Les Paul, doctoral research, board games, cabbage rolls, schnitzel on the fly, chance encounters, rabbit-cranberry risotto, college house parties, broken guitar strings, free guitar strings, alliterative holiday names, the injustice of parking tickets, and a few concerts!

THANKS to Thy, Sam, Jessica, Scotty, Craig, Jeff, Saranya, Helena, Maria, Mathilda, Patty, Dave, Dave, Dave, John, AZ, Robot, Laura, Matt Michels, Peesker, Thom, Erik, Emily, Lizzie, Jamie-Jo, Ben, Nester, Carrie, Cat, Alison, Puff Mama, Josh, Dylan, Kyle, Elisha, Marc, the kids who danced their faces off at the Spill even though I play folk music and that crazy lady who beat me at a game of pool for $5 for making this a very memorable trip.

Here are some souvenirs:

 Sharbot lake

The Big Apple

Bootleg of my first concert in Canada - January 11, 2013 LIVE at the Coach and Horses in Windsor

Horseshoe Tavern in Ouagadougou party pants

Rockin' out for the kids at the Spill

The next adventure is coming sooner than expected! More details to follow for shows in Peterborough, Toronto, and a couple other places closer to home that I'm hoping to hit up next weekend.


Peterborough Gig!

....Here's a last minute addition to my last-minute jaunt up and down the 401. 
I'm playing at the Spill in Peterborough! 
I love that place and it's been a couple years since I saw Dave Tobey and the gang.

Friday, February 18th

414 George St. N
Peterborough, ON

See you soon!

Life Happening All Around Us! Life Happening Right NOW!

And voila, I'm in Canada for the foreseeable future. SURPRISE.

I got back a couple weeks ago and spent some time in Toronto visiting old friends and volounteering at the salvation army - there is a video of me singing a new song called 'Galapagos' on my FACEBOOK page if you would like to see what this looks like.

After the end of the world didn't happen, I headed up to Ottawa to eat turkey with my family. My sister and I dropped in on Chief Theresa Spence who is holding a hunger strike until Stephen Harper and the governor general agree to sit down and talk about treaty issues with her. We met two brothers who were there with their drums and a really nice guy from the Walpole reserve who brought his harmonicas, so things stayed pretty a-political and I had a nice time in the sun on Christmas day jammin' with these dudes. The next day I found my picture in the paper!:

Other news... I finally got to listen to the recordings I made last month. The mixing and mastering is not yet complete, but oh what the heck, you can preview them here, too, I'll update them when I get the final mix.
This song is recorded by Stefano Capone with Paolo Melindi on Double Bass and Erik Schoepen playing the lap steel in his signature twin peaks D9 crazy tuning:

And then I made this song when nobody was looking... So maybe it'll be a surprise for everyone else involved in the production of our EP:


I have some some concerts to announce in Canada!

Friday, January 11th
The Coach and Horses
Windsor, Ont
Last time I was in Canada and played at this place with Benito Band it totally blew me away....
So save the date and don't miss it cause my expectations are HIGH.

Wednesday, January 16th
The Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, Ont.
5 Bands, 5 Bucks - the first one starts around 840 and I play at 1130. 
Come early and I'll buy you a beer :)

More Canadian dates to be announced. See you soon!