CBC Searchlight Competition

Friends! You can vote every single day until April 6th to help me win the CBC Searchlight competition. AND the kind people at CBC have provided this handy infographic so you can know that I'm taking part in their contest:
Click it to go directly to my page on the CBC radio website and click the little blue button that says "Vote for this artist" and go back every day to help me win the people's ovation and fame forever!

I have entered the competition with this song:
And you can vote for it every single day!!!!!


Written over the course of a year-long road trip across Canada and recorded in a cabin in overlooking Dyer's Bay on the Bruce Peninsula, POSTCARDS is Cougars in America's 2nd full-length album now available online and sold as a series of postcards with download codes at all up-coming concerts. Each song is a picture of a moment on this trip. Special thanks to Patrick Lima for providing the cabin, to Erik Schoepen for giving the sweet sounds of his dobro, lapsteel, mandolin, resonator and electric guitars to all of these songs, and to the countless souls who offered a bed, a meal, a smile, a song, a story or a slice of cheesecake that gave me the courage to keep going. Buy it online and send me your address to get one delivered to your mailbox!